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Lactose Free Milk Powder

Lactose Free Milk Powder

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Milk Powder without the lactose! 

For those who are searching for Full Cream Milk Powder that is Lactose Free. This product is smooth, instant mixing and is 99.9% lactose free. 

This is a great whole milk substitue for those who have issues with lactose, or those who are simply trying to avoid lactose in their diet, while still wanting to obtain the calcium and protien benefits milk provides.

 The lactose is partially removed by filtration and the remaining lactose is enzymatically hydrolysed to glucose and galactose. 

Reconstituted lactose free milk drink: Mix 125 g of our Lactose Free Milk Powder to one litre of water.

Sourced from the pristine pastures in Finland and packed right here in Brisbane, Australia.

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